Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace service.
Gas Fireplace service.

Nothing says “it’s great to be home” as an evening of rest and relaxation by the fireside. Gas fireplaces make this age-old tradition simple, safe, and convenient.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that gas fireplaces burn cleaner than wood fireplaces, releasing less soot and other pollutants.. They’re also easy to operate—you can enjoy a cozy fire at the touch of a button. Additionally, the design possibilities are endless.

Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts at Air Flo can install, repair, and service your gas fireplace in Washington. Located in Sequim, we’re here for all your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality (IAQ) needs.

Gas Fireplace Installations and Replacement

Gas fireplaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. That means you can choose from plenty of options. We’re confident you’ll find a fireplace that suits your home perfectly.

Need a fireplace installed? Call today for an upfront quote. Additionally, be sure to see our convenient financing plans—home comfort is more accessible than ever in Sequim.

Design Options

Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing your next gas fireplace:

Inserts are log-and-burner sets inserted into your fireplace. The sets are self-contained inside two metal boxes. The metal warms air caught between the boxes, radiating warmth and coziness into your living space.

Inserts draw gas from an outlet in your fireplace, which will need to be drilled by a professional if you don’t already have one. Vented models use a glass panel in your fireplace, while non-vented models have the additional option of a metal screen.

Built-Ins are also log-and-burners contained in two boxes. However, you can install them just about anywhere. No chimney? No problem. Like inserts, you have the option of a vented or non-vented model.

Log Sets are the simplest and most affordable option. Your specialist will install a gas burner in your fireplace, which creates flames under a ceramic log. Doing so will require drilling to access your gas line if you’ve never had a gas fireplace. Unlike inserts or built-ins, a large share of the heat escapes through the flue.

Material Options

If faux wood doesn’t suit your taste, worry not. There are so many more great options, whether you’re looking for something rustic, modern, or in-between for your Washington, residence.

Popular materials include:

  • Ceramic stones
  • Glass rocks
  • Faux coal

These materials come in many color and shape variations. Find one today that matches your home.

Ventilation Options

Gas fireplaces have less soot, smoke, and odor—that’s one of their biggest advantages. However, like a gas stovetop, they give off small traces of airborne contaminants like carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur oxides, and nitrogen.

Vented fireplaces expel these pollutants to the outdoors through a chimney or flue. While this ensures maximum indoor air quality, the ventilation causes them to lose some energy efficiency.

Remember to discuss options with your Air Flo specialist—we’re always happy to help find the best solution for your home.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

Our team of experts can diagnose and treat any issue with your gas fireplace. Always remember, if you detect a gas leak or your CO detector goes off, evacuate your home and call for help.

Common gas fireplace issues include:

  • Damaged pilot light
  • Fireplace not turning on
  • Broken spark ignitor

Gas Fireplace Maintenance 

Preventative maintenance is key to preserving efficiency, protecting your safety, and avoiding unnecessary fireplace repairs. During a seasonal check-up, your specialist can take care of your fireplace in addition to your HVAC equipment.

Your specialist will perform the following:

  • Clean and tune internal parts
  • Check for blockages
  • Inspect for damaged parts and make replacements

Our H.E.L.P. HOME EQUIPMENT LIFE PLAN plans make staying on top of maintenance worry-free with appointment reminders, priority service, discounts, and more. Speak to a Air Flo expert today to learn more.  

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