Emergency FAQ

To safeguard our residences, families, and HVAC systems during inclement weather, it is essential to be attentive and stay informed about pertinent considerations.

For all types of systems, make sure to check, or clean your filter(s) every 30 days. Having a dirty filter can block the air flow to your system and can cause your equipment to not heat properly.

If you have a heat pump

  1. Maintain the same temperature for the day and night. Fluctuating temperatures can result in your system not getting warm enough in these cold conditions. It also takes one hour for it to warm up for each degree.
  2. Restart your system. To restart your system, go to the breaker panel and turn off BOTH heat pump and air handler/furnace at the same time.  Leave both off for about 20 minutes, then turn on the heat pump first for about 5-10 minutes, and then turn on the air handler.  This will reset your whole system and remove any communication errors that may have come up. If you do have error codes, please be prepared to give them as we may be able to diagnose the issue over the phone.
  3. If the heat pump is not working, and you have a 1050 or 824 thermostat, you have back up heat, called “emergency” or “EM”  heat.  To put into EM heat, go to your thermostat’s main screen, and click “System Mode.”  On the bottom left click “System Options.”  Under Emergency Heat, click “Enable,” then click “Done” on the bottom right, then click “Home.”  There will now be a red “E” next to the system mode button. Enabling EM heat will disable the outdoor heat pump and only run the indoor furnace/Air Handler until it is switched to disabled from the thermostat. This will increase your electric bill until you disable it from your thermostat and your heat pump is back online.


If you have a Ductless/Mini Split Heat Pump System

  1. Make sure the filters have been cleaned (by rinsing and drying the blue nano platinum filters).
  2. Make sure when pressing the buttons on the remote controller that you aim the remote at the unit, press firmly on the button and you hear the beep from the unit. If this does not happen then the unit will not register the change from the remote and will not change the mode/fan speed on the unit.
  3. Ensure the fan speed is set to the highest setting (there is a bar/ladder looking icon, make sure all 4 bars are showing).
  4. Make sure the system is in the correct mode, Heating (sun icon), Cooling (snowflake icon) etc.


Air Flo also recommends having a secondary heat source such as a fireplace, electric heater(s) and/or blanket(s).