Q. What is a heat pump?

A. A very efficient system for heating and cooling your home. Unlike a furnace it doesn't burn fuel to make heat. It simply pumps heat where you want it—inside in winter and outside in summer. This lowers your power bill and since there is no fire, it is very safe.


Q. Can I have separate temperature control in each room?

A. Each room or group of rooms can have separate temperature control just as each room has it's own light switch. This allows you to have just the right temperature in each room and to heat and cool only the rooms you use. We can customize your system to fit your unique lifestyle.


Q. How do I know what size system I should buy?

A. A survey of your home will need to be done. Insulation levels, window sizes and construction materials must be identified and measured. Then a heat loss and cooling load analysis can be performed. This is the only way to properly size your system. Old "rules of thumb" won't work. You could end up with a system that is too large or too small for your home. A system that is too small won't get the job done. A system that is too large will cycle too much, which will shorten it's life and cost you more to own.


Q. Do I need a heat pump if I don't want air conditioning?

A. Even if you never use the cooling cycle a heat pump is a good choice because our winters are so long and mild. Because of our unique weather a heat pump can save you up to 50% of your heating bills.


Q. How can I make the air in my home cleaner?

A. First remove the source of pollutants. Store paint cans and cleaners outside. Remove your shoes at the door and use your exhaust fans. For a greater benefit, install a high efficiency filter. Electronic air filters are 20 to 40 times better at cleaning the air than typical furnace filters.


Q. How do I choose the best company to install my system?

A. Ask for referrals from your friends and neighbors. An established company that has been in business in your area for many years will have lots of happy customers. They should be licensed, insured and have design, installation and service departments. Being in business a lot of years isn't always evidence of quality. Find out what they have put into those years. Ask to see training certificates and awards they have earned.


Q. My heat pump is steaming and dripping water, is that normal?

A. During the heating cycle a heat pump removes heat from the outside air. Water will condense and run on the ground near the outdoor unit. If it is 47 degrees or colder it will automatically defrost itself periodically. This will cause cool harmless steam to rise from the heat pump.


Q. How To Enroll Trane® XL824/824B, XL850, and XL1050 Wireless Smart Thermostats

A. When you enroll your Trane wireless smart thermostat in Trane Home, you can view and control your home's heating and cooling system from virtually any smartphone or internet connection.  Additionally, you can view weather information directly from your thermostat, including the outdoor temperature, five-day forecast, local radar, and weather alerts. For detailed step-by-step instructions click here


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