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Cutest Extended Stay Pet of Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

Our community has put their trust and business in Air Flo over the past 50 years, and Air Flo is supporting the community once again with the "Cutest Extended Stay Pet of OPHS" campaign! Participants click to "vote" for the Cutest Extended Stay Pet below to show their support. Each vote for an animal will count towards Air Flo’s donation to the OPHS at $0.25 donated per vote. The campaign will run for a two-week-long voting period, you can vote daily from multiple devices, so remember to come back and vote!

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Learn About the Animals

Miya - Cat

Miya - Cat - 244 days, she is very sweet, but takes time to get used to people and new spaces.

“Surrender. Her previous owner had to find new housing, and unfortunately could not take Miya with her. Miya is a very shy sweetheart, She is very reserved. Most likely due to the fact that she misses her owner. She has started to come out of her shell, and show her true colors to staff, and volunteers. She is doing very well at the shelter and adapting to the environment very well for a senior cat that has been in a home for her whole life.” - Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

Buddy - Dog

Buddy - Dog - 522 days - sweetest boy ever but he doesn't do well with any other animals so he has yet to be adopted.

“Buddy has seen many dogs come and go from the facility. This affectionate boy has some hills to climb due to his rough past, but that has never deterred the Bark House Team, he gets extra attention from them. Belly rubs and quality time through walks and cuddles makes him feel like a puppy again. Unfortunately, Buddy cannot be around other animals and will need someone who can show him that he won‘t always get left behind . Buddy has a hard time going to our Adoption Events due to other dogs being present. The best way to meet him is to apply for a one on one Meet and Greet” - Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

Cola - Cat

Cola - Cat - 310 Days - was rescued by OPHS when he was a kitten but it was during an outbreak and they had to close the campus so he grew up being handled to give medicine so he is a bit shy to new people also and more cautious of new places and people.

“Came to us as a stray kitten and was hand shy,scared, and not social. Unfortunately,  after she caught giardia during an outbreak in November which caused her to regress more into herself. She became hand shy and more scared of staff due to medicating for several weeks. Finally after months of regaining her trust with the help of volunteers and many coaxing with treats she is finally coming around and realizing humans are not the enemy.” - Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

Gemma - Dog

Gemma - Dog - 433 days - She has been returned twice due to separation anxiety but she is the sweetest little babe.

“This lovely gal came to us from a high kill shelter in LA. Gemma is a sweet, loving and loyal friend who has been waiting patiently for her person since her arrival.  The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)  is real when it comes to being left at home, so Gemma has a knack of finding her way to joining any and all adventures. Gemma is easy on the eyes upon first glance, however her cuddly nature is what wins her over with staff and volunteers alike.” - Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

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