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Video – Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Cost-Effective?

November 28, 2022

Being able to control your thermostats when you are away is one of the most cost effective energy improvements you can make in your home.

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Video – What Is a Heat Pump?

October 26, 2022
heat pump unit on the outside of a house.

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, from inside your home to outside or from outside to inside.

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Video – Why Do I Need to Change My AC Filter?

September 30, 2022
Why Do I Need to Change My AC Filter? - Air Flo Heating Company. Man changing air filter.

If you are not changing the filter in your AC system like you change the oil in your car you risk overworking it and damaging it that could result in expensive repairs or even replacement! At least every three months or more frequently if you have pets or dust issues!

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