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Gold Plan

Silver Plan

Bronze Plan

Replace 1” filter – Larger filters are additional cost

A dirty filter will reduce the heating and cooling airflow, increase utility cost and decrease life expectancy of equipment.

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Vacuum indoor and outdoor unit

Keep dust and debris out of coils and operating components.

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Clean condensate line, pump and drain pan

Clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage, equipment failure and allow opportunity for bacterial growth.

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Check all electrical connections

Loose connections may cause improper voltage to components, which may cause premature failure.

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Check operating refrigerant pressures

Too much or too little refrigerant will make your system operate less efficiently, resulting in increased energy costs and decreased life expectancy of equipment.

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Oil and lubricate all moving parts

Parts that lack lubrication will cause friction in motors, increase the amount of electricity consumed and decreased life expectancy of equipment.

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Measure capacitor resistance

Deliver confidence that your system will operate when you really need it.

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Measure starting current of motors and compressor

To assure that your equipment will start when required to.

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Check operation settings from control

Proper set points of the thermostat can save energy.

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Thermostat orientation

Proper set points and a better understanding of the thermostat can save energy cost and deliver better comfort.

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24 hr priority client service

Peace of mind at any time. (After hour rates apply to Bronze and Silver Plans)

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10% client discount on parts and labor

As a loyal client we will return your loyalty with a 10% discount on repairs. (10% discount does not apply to diagnostic fee)

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Email newsletter

Keeps you informed of energy saving strategies.

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Computerized scheduling and invoicing

To deliver a confirmed schedule date in advance for better consistency.

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Accessible service history database

Service and installation history is valuable for resale, diagnostics and warranty related issues.

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Wrap exposed line set with Ultraviolet Tape

Sunlight will breakdown line set insulation and decrease efficiency.

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Level outdoor unit

The outdoor unit was designed to operate in a level environment. This will deliver longer equipment life and reduce noise.

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Automatic yearly renewal

For your peace of mind to know we will contact you to have this work scheduled every year. You can take this off your “To Do List”.

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Monthly payment options

Help make your investment a more affordable expense.

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Check temperature and air at all ducts

To verify no ductwork has been disconnected, which can affect the operating cost and the indoor air quality.

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Change batteries in Thermostat

Deliver peace of mind that you will not lose your programming.

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Wash electronic filter with filter cleaner

Clean the cells once a year for better filtration.

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Wax outside of indoor and outdoor unit

Your equipment should not devalue the appearance of your home.

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$50 per year toward new system or accessories

Start earning dollars toward future equipment replacement, accessories, duct cleaning or your next years annual maintenance. (No cash value)

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Wash inside & outside coil & apply mold inhibitor

A dirty coil will reduce the ability to heat and cool your home, experience longer run times, increasing energy costs and decreasing equipment life expectancy.


Guaranteed Same Day Service

A guarantee to make sure you get same day Emergency Service.


No after hours labor rate

To eliminate any extra after hour expense.


Locked in pricing for 3 years

To keep a consistent price, for better budgeting.


Your Investment









Add for additional Heat Pump Yearly





Prices do not include Washington State sales tax.

This plan is based upon providing 1 annual maintenance per year. Can be modified for additional cost.

In future years the H.E.L.P. program may vary slightly due to economic and equipment factors. Air Flo Heating Company will strive to keep these increases as low as possible. This agreement shall stay in effect from year to year thereafter unless either client or Air Flo Heating Company gives 30 days written notice prior to the end of the written agreement. Prices do not include Washington State sales tax.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, (360) 683-3901, 385-5354 or 307-7822.

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